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My 2010 picks for apps part 2  by Gokunama

Gokunama says: Continuation of my earlier list
Gokunama's picks
  1. Secret of Mana
    Secret of Mana Controls are hard in some places, and the UI at times pretty unintuitive, NONETHELESS I'll happily put up with it for the sake of nostalgia. One of the best rpgs of all time.
  2. Trainyard
    Trainyard Dunno where this guy got his idea from, but after the first few super easy levels, it gets challenging, and it's easy enough to understand, but just hard enough to figure out. A non frenetic but very involving puzzle app.
  3. Reckless Racing
    Reckless Racing Just for the challenge of trying to beat your personal best time with your best time as a ghost car. Love hot lap mode, and the atmosphere is simply hillbilly moonshine fun.
  4. SaiSuke
    SaiSuke Up to six events displayed per day in monthview, and great copy and paste. For quickly scheduling my irregular recurring lessons for the next month, and for finding the next time I'm going to a certain school again, this is my goto app.
  5. Pocket Informant
    Pocket Informant I love this app, but it's fallen by the wayside in favor of faster loading apps. I still keep it around cause for finding free time to schedule a lesson or appointment, the monthview timebars just can't be beat.
  6. ウィズダム英和・和英辞典
    ウィズダム英和・和英辞典 I live in Japan. Once you know your kanas, this is hands down the best English-Japanese dictionary. I use it in classes and just in daily life to communicate with the Japanese ALL THE TIME.
  7. 1Password Pro
    1Password Pro Great security, sync through DropBox, one touch launch of websites with logins filled in for you, and peace of mind knowing the average thief will never break into this app to find your credit card info or something.
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