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Best quick reads  by Jensign

Jensign says: These are my favorite apps to find short news and entertainment stories
Jensign's picks
  1. E! News
    E! News Perfect place to read quick headlines in the entertainment biz..
  2. TIME Mobile
    TIME Mobile news stories that are easy to navigate and read, great photos.
  3. AP Mobile - Breaking Local, National & Global News
    AP Mobile - Breaking Local, National & Global News This is my favorite app to find news stories, which you can search by category. i.e. local or top news, science, celebrity, etc.
  4. Suntimes Lite
    Suntimes Lite great app to check the weather in any country at the touch of a finger
  5. Feed Me It
    Feed Me It Makes reading news headlines fun! You can pick your favorite news sites, and their top headlines will scroll across your screen.



Feed Me It sounds cool - I will have to try it!

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