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Giving Thanks - Apps for Gratitude Journaling  by doniree

doniree says: 'Tis the season to give thanks, and these apps will help you record and share the things you're grateful for.
doniree's picks
  1. Gratitude Stream
    Gratitude Stream I LOVE the community aspect of this app: Gratitude Stream is a global “stream” of good thoughts and thanks, so you can share yours and read what others are grateful for, also!
  2. Gratitude Rock - Journal / Diary of Positive Thoughts
    Gratitude Rock - Journal / Diary of Positive Thoughts This app is a gratitude journal that also comes with music and soothing sounds to put you in a reflective and calm, meditative state.
  3. Gratitude Journal ~ the original!
    Gratitude Journal ~ the original! This gratitude journal lets you export your entries to keep them elsewhere / off you're phone.
  4. iGratitude
    iGratitude Gratitude meditations and a game called "Ask the Oracle."
  5. gratitude journal gratitude journal Journal for tracking what goes well each day, measuring patterns, and reflecting on what you're grateful for.
  6. The Power of Gratitude
    The Power of Gratitude This app encourages us to skip past the "if only" thoughts in our lives and record the things we're thankful for.
  7. Abundance Pak: Gratitude Board
    Abundance Pak: Gratitude Board Guided meditations and personalized gratitude board/journal.
  8. Five Daily Gratitudes
    Five Daily Gratitudes Super simple, and great for those who love a little direction and structure. Simply write down five daily things that you're grateful for.
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