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On the Run: Best Pedometer Apps for the iPhone  by agentcoco

agentcoco says: These are great apps for tracking how much distance you cover as you go for a jog or take the dogs for a walk!
agentcoco's picks
  1. Pocket Pedometer
    Pocket Pedometer This is a nice simple pedometer/ running tool that lets you keep track of time, distance, approximate calories burned and speed. It also lets you keep track and graph your progress as well as incorporates your work out music playlists to keep the blood pumping. A solid app!
  2. All-in Pedometer
    All-in Pedometer This is the best pedometer app I've found. You can enter goals for your runs either by calories or by distance and the app keeps track of it all. It looks much like the dashboard on a treadmill and runs in the background as you jogging around town so you can also make calls if you so desire. It's tracking and log system is very extensive and you can really see how your body is reacting to your exercise with the body reports where you enter your weight and dimensions. A must have for the ever fitness conscientious runner or jogger!
  3. Location Tracking GPS Kit Free
    Location Tracking GPS Kit Free Based more on GPS tracking, this app will lay out your route as you move around town. Not exclusively a pedometer this app allows you to take pictures of wherever you are and geotags them. Maybe not for the serious runner, but still a cool app to have!
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