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Top 5 iPhone apps on the market.  by FastMall

FastMall says: Sam Feuer President/CEO Serial Investor, Entrepreneur since 1999 I have decided to go very broad and select the 5 greatest iPhone applications on the market today based on usefulness, quality and overall appeal to the masses needs.
FastMall's picks
  1. Shazam - Discover music, artists, videos & lyrics
    Shazam - Discover music, artists, videos & lyrics Perhaps the coolest iPhone app to date from an audio standpoint. To be able to place the phone near a speaker and identify the track, then let you buy it makes anyone feel like a magician. Everyone who has an iPhone should use shazam.
  2. BeejiveIM with Push
    BeejiveIM with Push Having 500+ contacts on various IM platforms, BeeJive allows me to be mobile and interact with everyone like I was sitting behind my desk. Its an invaluable tool and well worth the price.
  3. FastMall - Shopping Malls, Community & Interactive Maps
    FastMall - Shopping Malls, Community & Interactive Maps My wife had this idea to be able to locate the nearest restroom at the mall because whenever we she had tried, just about always failed at getting there quickly enough that it wasnt inconvenient. FastMall goes a step further then just data with an interactive map that lets you shake your iphone when the map first loads and drops restrooms from the sky onto your mall map. This displays the restroom location, then you tap on the restroom icon and choose take me there. The app guides you step by step to get to the restroom. Beyond that it takes you from store to restaurant to the movies all using turn by turn directions. Have a baby stroller? Use a wheelchair? You can tap the elevators only button and recalculate your trip inside a multilevel mall to be taken to your destination. Get a deal on your favorite brand, remember where you parked your car and even add reviews and data to the FastMall experience. This is not just a simple iPhone application, Its an entire experience and platform that is continually growing to make everyone who goes to a mall (and Rodeo Drive) much happier.
  4. Appolicious
    Appolicious I came across the Appolicious site about a month ago and was impressed by its design quality and overall idea/experience. It makes great sense to have a community like this to share the best apps around that you may otherwise never have thought to try or buy. I highly recommend appolicious to everyone. Its a quality asset.
  5. Twitter
    Twitter Tweetie 2 is the most excellent twitter iphone application created so far. It allows you to do so many things that are incredible. Twitter should take some time and review this application and enhance their own service :)



Apple iPhone app FastMall is now 100% FREE for all shopping mall maps + 15 other new features.

FastMall is the first and only iPhone app that lets you shake your iPhone to find, then be taken to the nearest bathroom. It also provides turn-by-turn directions for finding your way inside shopping malls and around shopping districts in the USA, Canada and UK.

Have a stroller? In a wheelchair? Trouble with stairs? FastMall provides directions using only elevators when needed.


1 – Registration is now completely optional. If you want to be a part of the community, you can register with FastMall, login with your Facebook account or even login using Twitter account.

2 – FastMall now opens up in 2-3 seconds or less instead of 8+ seconds.

3 – Global notifications ticker. You can simply swipe your finger to turn them on or off. Tap on the scrolling text to view details of any notification.

4 – Shortcuts! You can now simply swipe your finger across any mall listing (blue menu) to show you easy shortcuts for mall info, restroom locations, restaurant information, remember where you parked, get deals and more.

5 – My malls section has been added. This section is to see all of your favorite malls in 1 place. Simply tap the add to “my malls” text link on the main menu for any mall and it automatically saves it to that section.

6 – Profile added. You can now select the photo of your choice and set it as your avatar.

7 – Add a VIDEO or photos to your review of any product, store, restroom, restaurant or anything else shopping related. We will post it in the app and on the website/youtube channel after moderation.

8 – Community features upgraded. You now have the ability to add/view reviews with videos or photos. Share on Facebook and Twitter as well or email any review to someone.

9 – Map icon filter added. This feature is located on the bottom right of any mall map. You can tap this icon to choose the icons you want to view on the map. For example you can removemall entrance icons, elevator icons and so on if you like.

10 – Select mode on all mall maps. This is one coolest new features that enable you to navigate around the map with your finger! On any map simply tap, then hold down your finger and drag your finger over the stores. You can see the store names on the map! Then release your finger from over the map and a pin drops onto the selected store!

11 – Check in at any mall or store! Similar to Foursquare or Gowalla, FastMall now allows you to check in and let the world know where you are! To check in you can simply go to any blue mall menu and tap check in, or on the store detail/mall information page, tap check in and your all set! A future version coming soon we will give you badges and rewards for checking in, look for prizes and lots of other fun to come.

12 – Add mall or store to the main menu of the app! Choose any mall or store that you like and add that icon to the main menu as a shortcut!

13 – You can then move any icon to the location on the main app screen by dragging them around. Similar to how you can move icons around on your iPhone, press and hold over any menu icon. You will see the icon “shake” and then you can slide them around to page 2 or 3 or wherever you want! Tap the red DONE button once finished and your ready to go.

14 – View the latest check-ins by users in the community section.

15 – Photo and video reviews of anything you would like.

iTunes link, make sure you have version 2.0 installed:

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