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Apps in Apple's "What is iPad" TV Commercial  by sharakarasic

sharakarasic says: I often hear the question: "Which apps are featured in the iPad commercial?" - so here they are. If I am missing any, please add them in the comments!
sharakarasic's picks
  1. Pages
    Pages Apple's word processing app makes a quick appearance at the beginning of the ad.
  2. The Elements by Theodore Gray
    The Elements by Theodore Gray Stunning coffee-table-like rendition of elements, with 3-D rotations of copper and such.
  3. Nota for iPad
    Nota for iPad Play piano and watch the notes as you play - really shows the power of the iPad in learning music!
  4. Popular Science: The Latest News and Features on the People, Technologies, and Gadgets Shaping the Future
  5. SCRABBLE for iPad
    SCRABBLE for iPad The well-loved word game can now be played in your lap!
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