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My Top Five Travel Apps  by glennstrachan

glennstrachan says: I travel a great deal, mostly overseas, but also within the USA. Because I am "road warrior" I need to make reservations on the fly, so to speak. Simple apps help me in the biggest way.
glennstrachan's picks
  1. KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars
    KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars Kayak is my favourite web-based companion for finding the best travel deals for airlines and hotels. The app on my iPhone is just as handy to me.
  2. TripIt: Trip Planner
    TripIt: Trip Planner Similar to my Kayak story, I love this web-based solution and it is fantastic on the iPhone maintaining my travel plans and showing my online ticket which can be scanned. It simply helps me organise all my travel plans once I have a confirmed flight and hotel.
  3. Currency
    Currency Oanda is the standard used for all USA government travel forms and reimbursements. Having this available to me as an app is incredibly helpful as I fill out expense reports which have multiple countries in a single day -- yes, that actually happens.
  4. The Weather Channel - local forecasts, radar maps, storm tracking, and rain alerts -
    The Weather Channel - local forecasts, radar maps, storm tracking, and rain alerts - It is an absolute requirement to have an idea what the weather is going to be like when I arrive. I know it isn't fancy, but its simplicity and ease of use is what makes it a great app for me.
  5. Facebook
    Facebook Yes, a social connecting tool so I can let people know where in the world I am at any given time. I know so many people who live overseas and this serves as my tool for letting them know that I am near. I also do the same with Twitteriffic to let the other group of people know where in the world Glenn is!



how about World Flights: Live departure and arrival information for every single flight in any given airport in the World. Fast, easy, intuitive and very low price: the best flight tracking application on the Appstore.

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