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Team Moji's Favorite Apps  by Moji

Moji says: Apps to help you stay in shape, pain free and living an active lifestyle.
Moji's picks
  1. Can Do 26.2
    Can Do 26.2 Marathoners Race Phone Book
  2. iFitness
    iFitness The Ultimate Gym App
  3. RunKeeper Free
    RunKeeper Free Simple and easy to use
  4. Nike+ Training Club - Workouts for every level, guided by the world’s best trainers.
  5. Pain Free Book
    Pain Free Book Advice on stopping aches and pains



Like your apps list. Not a runner but a cyclist. Have you checked out iMapMyRun? Love their cycling app. Will check out pain free as it would be really nice to be just that!

Reply to comment Posted June 25, 2010