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4th Grade: "APP Pack" (Recommended downloads)   by Alline

Alline says: The DIRECTORY OF EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES ON THE WEB ( is now expanding to include apps for education. These apps support student learning. Most are FREE others are really worth buying!
Alline's picks
  1. Brain Quest® Blast Off: Grade 4
  2. Kids Math Fun — Fourth Grade
  3. Dictionary
  4. Google Earth
  5. Goofy Mad Libs
  6. EpicWin
    EpicWin This TO-DO App has an RPG character to it that will surely promote students to actually WRITE DOWN THEIR HOMEWORK and DO IT (otherwise their character will not go up a level).
  7. Vocabulary Builder Grade 4
  8. BrainPOP Featured Movie
  9. Discovery News Lite
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