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The Elements by Theodore Gray

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The Elements: A Visual Exploration - from a teacher's point of view

  • Posted by Alline September 12, 2011
  • Recommended for Students

The app revolutionizes how students, teachers and parents interact with the periodic table of elements. The chart with letters and symbols that used promote students to tune out has been replaced by a vivid photographs which engage students and grab their attention.

Beautiful app, it's eye catching with it's 118 elements in HD. Even if science is not their thing, the photos of the elements in their pure, uncombined form will have your students hooked. With an inexpensive pair of 3D glasses, the elements come to life like never before.

The app opens to gorgeous high resolution 360º animations of spinning elements while playing the Tom Leher’s classic element song -- a great hook for the musically intelligent!

Each element comes with extensive background detail and real-time computational data from Wolfram|Alpha embedded. All the information in easy to read formats and entertaining articles are a touch away. Students will retain factoids without even trying.

Some elements have a video clip of experiments showing the properties of the elements, this makes it easy to match media to the content.

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Beautiful, fascinating app - and I could care less about chemistry

  • Posted by hontzd May 19, 2010
  • Recommended for Students

This app shows the potential for "interacive textbooks" like no other. If it held my interest - I hated chemistry - it's got to be good.

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My favorite iPad app so far is Elements.

  • Posted by FastMall April 21, 2010
  • Recommended for News Junkies, Book Readers, Parents or Outdoors Enthusiasts

Ive always been fascinated with this type of thing and this app truly showcases the elements like you can actually touch and feel them. Brilliant work and an app everyone must have.

Youtube video.

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Now I Know What Technetium Looks Like - From Every Angle

  • Posted by sharakarasic April 04, 2010
  • Recommended for Students

The periodic table in 3D. The Elements is an app which brings me back to my days of creating educational websites in the late 90's, as textbooks were quickly becoming obsolete, and we wondered what the future of interactive education was. Choose any element - Copper for example (#29 on the periodic table) - and you can see various objects made of copper - a Persian weave chain, a brass ring, a Chinese bronze - and then rotate them with your finger to get a 3D view. This is one of those iPad apps that brings learning to life and gets me excited all over again about the future of education.

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