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Best. Thing. Ever.

  • Posted by jessicadally May 06, 2010
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This IS the app you're looking for. If you're at all like me you love the Seattle Public Library. Love getting access to books, DVD's, CD's and the like all for free and all relatively close to your home. You also probably like searching for books and putting them on hold from your computer (remember when we used to have to go into the library to see if something was in!!).

Well now you can do all of that from your phone as well. Standing in a book store looking at a book you're just not sure you want to buy? Now you can see if it's available at the library and check it out there before making that monetary decision. About to head right by your branch and want to see if you should stop to pick up a hold that just might be there? You can now check easily.

This app isn't actually released yet, it's in Beta but so many people have found it that it's time to go ahead and talk about it. Just be nice and know that the super awesome people at the Seattle Public Library are still working out a few things and making it even better so there might be a glitch or two.

Now if we could just get NOAA to release an app my phone would be complete! Love you Seattle Public Library. Keep up the great work!

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