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Developing Minds Want to Know: Q&A with Dana Morgan of The Melody Book

Dana Morgan is the CEO and Co-Founder of The Melody Book, a company that develops musical and educational applications, including A Jazzy Day and Jazzy ABC, for iOS. Their wonderful apps have been showcased in Apple’s “New and Noteworthy” section, plus they have received a Children’s Technol ... Full Article »

January 19, 2013 12:00pm

Appealing Apps for Educators: Flipping iPad from Consumption to Creation Station

Creativity in the classroom is more abundant than ever as teachers and students are using iPads in amazing ways. Whether it is the process that engages your students or the finished product that is evidence of their creativity, the purposeful utilization of iPads can "Flip" your iPads from consumpti ... Full Article »

January 9, 2013 4:00pm

Appealing Apps for Educators: Workflow Apps to Manage Student Work

Many educators are realizing that the most powerful apps are those that allow for student creation. Some apps, for example Pages, Explain Everything and Popplet, push students to demonstrate, apply and synthesize their learning. However, the question quickly becomes: How do the students turn in thes ... Full Article »

October 1, 2012 2:30pm

Appealing Apps for Educators: Augmented Reality for Educational Engagement

Augmented reality is being increasingly embraced as an effective tool for education, and its creative use is exploding. You may be wondering, what exactly is “AR” or augmented reality? And, how do we use this type of technology in education? In the most basic terms, Augmented reality is what th ... Full Article »

September 24, 2012 1:30pm

The Khan Academy goes mobile with new iPad app

The Kahn Academy launched an iPad app last week. The not-for-profit YouTube educational video site, which offers brief tutorials by math genius and former hedge fund manager Salman Khan is already one of the best and most lauded academic websites. Now you can access everything you love about this se ... Full Article »

March 18, 2012 12:30pm

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