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Amazon wins early chapter over Apple in eBook war

Could Apple’s biggest rival in 2012 and beyond be Amazon (rather than Google, Microsoft, Facebook or anyone else)? First, Amazon emerged as a serious threat to Apple in the tablet space, last year unveiling the Kindle Fire for a market-setting $199 price point. Now, due to allegations by the U.S. ... Full Article »

April 12, 2012 7:40am

Justice Department threatening Apple, publishers over e-book pricing

Apple might have come to the rescue of publishers by opposing online retailer Amazon in the realm of e-books, but it seems not everyone is happy with the arrangement the iPad maker has made with the publishing industry. According to a story from the Wall Street Journal, the Justice Department has s ... Full Article »

March 9, 2012 7:52am

Hey Apple: please give us a cheap(er) iPad

Tomorrow, Apple CEO Tim Cook will take the stage at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco and announce the year’s new iteration of the iPad, and rumors have been flying as to what he’ll show off. I, for one, have just one request for what I’d like to see show up at the announce ... Full Article »

March 6, 2012 3:10pm

Celebrate the Kindle lending library and try these books out on your iPhone

Depending on how serious you take your eReadership, you might have noticed this story over at TechCrunch pointing out that Kindle users are borrowing almost 300,000 books a month from the Kindle Lending Library, a service available to Amazon Prime subscribers that lets users check out one book a mon ... Full Article »

January 19, 2012 6:30am

Amazon creates iPad Kindle Store for iOS users

Amazon’s iOS Kindle app provides a similar experience to Apple’s iBooks, but the Kindle store has long provided a better and more intuitive shopping experience than the muddled iBookstore. There’s also a lot more content on offer. However, when Apple implemented rules a few months ago demandin ... Full Article »

January 11, 2012 1:54pm

Investment analyst thinks Kindle Fire cost Apple 1 million iPad sales

The Kindle Fire was a hot item this holiday season. It might have cost Apple quite a few sales that normally would have gone to its iPad tablet. Amazon’s new kid on the tablet block, which runs Google’s Android operating system, was its top-selling electronic item during the 2011 holiday. We do ... Full Article »

January 4, 2012 1:46pm

Make your list and check it twice with Amazon Santa for iPad

With the hottest toys flying off store shelves, it’s time to get those Christmas lists to Santa Claus, ASAP. Luckily, he’s working with Amazon this year via the new iPad app Amazon Santa. Designed with family in mind, Amazon Santa offers a six-category shopping experience, sorted by movies, mus ... Full Article »

December 6, 2011 1:00pm

Manufacturers reigning in tablets in face of iPad, Kindle Fire, report says

Apple’s iPad continues to dominate the tablet market, so much so that other tablet manufacturers may be throwing in the towel, according to one report. TechCrunch has the story, which cites a DigiTimes report that says component suppliers in Asia are seeing smaller orders from the likes of PC com ... Full Article »

November 17, 2011 1:15pm

Fall into never-ending accessory shopping with

It’s pretty surprising that Amazon took this long to launch shoe-shopping site, but the app for iPhone and iPod Touch only came out at the end of October. offers shoes, handbags, jewelry and other accessories, so it makes sense that its app is so reminiscent of Zappos Mobi ... Full Article »

November 13, 2011 12:30pm

Shop automatically with Flow Powered by Amazon

The barcode product scanner isn’t anything new to iDevice — or even to Amazon’s family of apps for that matter — but the speed and accuracy of new app Flow Powered by Amazon is a step above its predecessors. Available on the camera-equipped iPhone and iPod Touch, Flow’s augmented reality i ... Full Article »

November 7, 2011 12:30pm

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