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AppStart for iPad great for beginners and masters alike

Whether you just picked up a new iPad for the first time or are a seasoned veteran with all three versions of the device, it’s helpful to get a few pointers from the pros. Like Appolicious, our friends at AppAdvice live and breathe all things app. The site’s daily news, reviews and app compilat ... Full Article »

March 20, 2012 7:00pm

What Apple’s acquisition of Chomp means for the global app ecosystem

Apple is clearly the leader in the app ecosystem – with the most and highest quality apps – for both handsets and tablets. The iTunes App Store is the best app store in the market. Yet even Apple has seen fit to make a significant investment in app discovery through its acquisition of Chomp last ... Full Article »

February 28, 2012 1:10pm

Samsung chooses Appolicious to power app discovery

Appolicious is the "Intel Inside" of app discovery and through web services provides algorithmic-based app search and recommendation technology to third parties. Samsung is among the most recent companies to license Appolicious services, which are informed by the deepest and widest set of app metada ... Full Article »

January 7, 2012 7:11pm

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