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Aargon iPhone game a lights out puzzler

by Dan Kricke

Aargon ($2.99) is a puzzle iPhone game that offers a unique and increasingly difficult challenge -- run beams of light through special markers using mirrors and other devices. What begins simply -- passing a light beam through one coin using the reflection on the mirror tool -- soon becomes much more difficult, as you’ll find yourself splitting a beam of light into red, green, and blue lights using a prism.

Each of the game's 80-plus levels gives you a brief description of the new game play wrinkle in the latest level, and then lets you have at it. You can rotate the pieces on the board either by hitting the rotate buttons or tapping the pieces yourself, and you can reset the board with the tap of another button. Everything is quite easy to figure out, but difficult to master.

As far as presentation goes, Aargon is a no-frills experience. There’s barely a menu when you start playing the game, and the only sound you’ll hear is a kind of jarring laser beam noise that chimes when you’ve successfully completed a puzzle. It was so unexpected that after spending a few minutes solving the puzzle, in solitude that I nearly jumped out of my seat.

Presentation, or lack thereof, aside, Aargon satisfies the goal of any puzzle game. It’s a fun experience that really makes you think about the logic behind how you’re moving around the pillars of light. As economically priced as it is, with a free version as well, puzzle fans would be wise to check it out.

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