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Put your iPads on and download these 10 iPhone apps for Super Bowl XLIV

by Brad Spirrison

While we all might be watching the Super Bowl on an iPad someday, before this year's big game, make sure to download these 10 iPhone apps that are worthy of the Vince Lombardi Trophy. 

Miami iPhone app

If you are fortunate enough to score tickets to the Super Bowl, Miami is a great app that points you to wherever you'll want to be. It might be a good idea for Colts and Saints players to download the free app as well, as former Falcon Eugene Robinson would have benefited from better guidance during his ill-fated trip to South Florida before Super Bowl 33. 

Premonition iPhone app

If Saints Kicker Garret Hartley has any more visions of putting a game-winning boot through the uprights, his teammates can tap into them by downloading Premonition. The 99-cent iPhone app claims to be a conduit between you and a "spiritual advisor in another dimension." Just pray that AT&T's network can handle that connection.  

Grand Theft Auto: China Wars iPhone game

The most revealing stat in any Super Bowl is which team gets more takeaways. As the Saints and Colts scheme up ways to create more turnovers, their coordinators may want to turn to this new Grand Theft Auto game for the iPhone for inspiration. The $9.99 game is also more violent than anything that will transpire at Raymond James Stadium. 

Glyder 2 iPhone game

Glyder 2Super Bowl week (and beyond) will no doubt be filled with speculation as to whether Brett Favre will return for another year with the Minnesota Vikings. Favre should do us all a favor and download Glyder 2. The $2.99 "tilt-game" will actually reward the future Hall-of-Famer for going back and forth on his intentions and spare the rest of us the anguish of watching him. 

ROCK BANDRock Band iPhone game

Ever since the Janet Jackson debacle, halftime acts for the Super Bowl keep on getting better. This year's performance by The Who is no exception. Players who won't be able to watch can still unleash their inner Pete Townshend by downloading the Rock Band iPhone app for a reasonable $6.99. Warning, it's never a good idea to smash your iPhone on the ground after playing "My Generation." 

Classic Cartoons - Superman - The Full Collection iPhone app

Classic Cartoons - Superman - The Full CollectionWhether he is calling complex audibles at the line-of-scrimmage or making All Pros out of otherwise no name receivers, Peyton Manning is officially becoming Superman. It's up to Saints defensive coordinator Greg Williams to figure out where the Kryptonite is. His first step should be to download this collection of classic Superman Cartoons for $2.99. 


Assassin's Creed iPhone game

Assassin's Creed™ - Altaïr's ChroniclesOf course, the Saints defensive unit in successive weeks knocked two Hall-of-Fame Quarterbacks into likely retirement. If Manning doesn't want to be the third part of a hat-trick, he might want to invest $4.99 in some insight by downloading Assassin's Creed. The console game is a good simulation for the Medieval warfare games like going for a quarterback's neck after the whistle is already blown. 

Star Wars: Trench Run iPhone game

Star Wars: Trench RunIn addition to battling the Saints, Peyton Manning in many ways is facing off against his father Archie, who has been the face of the New Orleans football organization for nearly two generations. In order to obtain that second ring and make sure his skills are truly complete, Peyton should download Star Wars: Trench Run. Five bucks is nothing for a taste of the force. 


Clueless iPhone game

CLUELESSAs we prepare to watch two football teams that are clearly the cream of the NFL, players and coaches from the remaining 30 squads can only scratch their heads and wonder why they are not in the Super Bowl. With job openings still open for offensive and defensive coordinators, no organization has been more inept this off-season than the Chicago Bears. The heirs to Papa Bear George Halas should invest 99-cents in Clueless, an app based on the hit film that advises those stuck in second gear on how to undergo an inner makeover. 

Elite News iPhone app

Elite NewsFor many casual fans, Super Bowl 44 will be the first time they'll get to see Saints quarterback Drew Brees in action. A victory for the Saints, combined with his gaudy statistics, could catapult the castoff of the San Diego Chargers into Canton. To condition your mind for this type of greatness ahead of time, download Elite News. The $1.99 app aggregates some of the world's most exclusive news feeds.