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Ten iPhone apps to get you ready for the NFL championship games

by Brad Spirrison

With a Super Bowl appearance on the line, the NFL's final four teams hope to at least phone in a victory on Sunday. Here are ten iPhone apps players, coaches and fans should download as we push into championship weekend. 

Trusted Advisor 

With a nearly flawless performance against the Baltimore Ravens, Jim Caldwell and his Indianapolis Colts apparently made the right call shutting things down for the last two games of the regular season. If watching their team win the first 14 games of the season didn't instill faith, perhaps Colts fans should download Trusted Advisor. The free business app deals with matters of confidence in professional relationships.  

Fairy Tales 

While it didn't look that way in August, Brett Favre is one game away from returning the the Super Bowl. Minnesota Vikings fans hoping for a fairy tale ending to Favre's storied career can get an early read on the genre by downloading Fairy Tales. The 99-cent application contains several classic stories including Cinderella, Rapunzel and The Emperor's New Clothes (a favorite of Favre's, who has worn three jerseys in three years.) 

Cruises Guide 

Before the New Orleans Saints entertain the Vikings on Sunday, perhaps they can find distractions for their opponents in the Big Easy. Love Boat 2.0 anyone?  Cruises Guide may inspire some of the Vikings to pull an audible up the Mississippi River. The $2.99 iPhone app has information and (ahem) etiquette tips for more than 100 different cruise lines. 

Monster Ball 

Although the Colts made the right tactical decision resting their players down the stretch, laying down against the New York Jets has resulted in a new AFC monster. While there is no putting that genie back in the bottle, Colts players would be wise to download Monster Ball for the unexpected rematch. The $1.99 strategy game calls for big guys to grow bigger by eating and taking care of business against the smaller guys. One false move, however, and your game and dream season can scatter into 1,000 pieces. 

SupaFan - Kim Kardashian Fans 

With girlfriend Kim Kardashian watching, Reggie Bush had the best game of his pro career with two long touchdowns against the Arizona Cardinals. The Kardashian effect is in full swing with sister Khloe bringing a new meaning to Showtime with her L.A. Laker boyfriend Lamar Odem. While there are only so many Kardashian siblings available to serve as athletic muses, the free SupaFan - Kim Kardashian Fans app is the next best thing for Bush's teammates. 


Not only is New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan a talented tactician, he is also a walking sound bite and the most entertaining character left in the playoffs (at least after his team dispatched Ocho Cinco). Rather than wait for Ryan to light up the next press conference, someone should equip him with iVideoCamera. The 99-cent app could turn his iPhone into a Camcorder and instantly turn Ryan into a reality show phenomenon. 

The Moron Test 

So-called NFL experts and prognosticators are not having a good January. The San Diego Chargers and Dallas Cowboys were supposed to be the hottest teams going into the playoffs, while the Colts and Saints were seen as limping to inevitable defeat. Are these people idiots? One way to find out is by having them take The Moron Test. The 99-cent iPhone app can also expose players that return to action too quickly after a concussion. 


With a porous defense and some unhappy soon-to-be free agents, the Arizona Cardinals desperately need Kurt Warner to return in order to have a shot at another NFC West championship. Downloading iBeg might be their only option. The free iPhone app is chock full of expressions to help you obtain free food and forgiveness. Perhaps a future update will include how to retain a future Hall-of-Fame quarterback for one more year? 


As both games will be played inside dome stadiums this weekend, we will miss out on some of the weather elements that make football such a great game. Fear not! With Outside, you can access stunning weather visuals from Indianapolis, New Orleans or anywhere else around the globe. The $2.99 iPhone app offers push notifications for weather reports complete with visual representations of conditions you should expect at home or wherever you travel.

A Masterpiece Collection 

While Brett Favre and Peyton Manning have enjoyed first-ballet Hall-of-Fame careers, each quarterback only has one Super Bowl ring on his finger. At least one will again be denied a championship this year. To compensate, whoever ends up on the losing end could always download A Masterpiece Collection. The 99-cent iPhone app offers unabridged transcripts of some of the world's most important novels. Having not played in a Super Bowl for over a decade, Favre's personal favorite is probably The Time Machine