A Doodle Flight - Draw/Import your own plane!


by Jerry Lee
Download this app if: you love the fixed-shooter classic Galaga.


Developer Notes

"148apps.com 4/5"
I really do like A Doodle Flight. It’s unique enough to grab me from the get go, but simple enough to keep me playing.

"appvee.com 4/5"
This game brings crazy cartoon character into a shooting frenzy and makes for some really fun times.

A Doodle Flight...


I think I might have conceived this app on the back of my 4th grade notebook — Really this app looks a lot like someone took my 4th grade Trapper Keeper and turned it into a flip book. The "doodle" in the title comes both from the game's hand drawn graphics and your ability to draw your own plane to compete in the game. If you are a graphics snob used to the likes of...